I LOVE teaching burlesque and I’m so excited to fuse my passion for burlesque dance with some soul and plenty of spirit.

I believe that sensuality is a powerful way to truly inhabit our bodies in a loving way. On the surface, I believe woman are attracted to burlesque classes due to the high octane glamour (sparkling rhinestones, fluffy ostrich feathers and ruby red lipstick anyone?). But under all of this, there are deeper wants. The want to be seen. The want to be accepted. The want to apologetically take up space with confidence and grace. The want to feel beautiful and sexy on your own terms.

If you need a sprinkle of glitter in your life, come and dance with other gorgeous goddesses and me at an Every Woman is a Goddess workshop. We meditate, we strut our stuff, we shimmy, we shake, we fire up our connection with the divine feminine. And we laugh. Loads.

“I highly recommend this workshop for all women. It is so much fun, divinely feminine and empowering. Great for increasing body confidence, connection, awareness and sensuality. I’m not sure I’m ready for nipple tassels but I certainly feel so much more confident and will be walking with a Foxy Cleopatra strut in my step from now on.” – Louise George, Bodhi Babes

There is no nudity in these workshops.

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If you are interested in booking an Every Woman is a Goddess workshop at your Mind Body Spirit event or burlesque event, please get in touch with me to discuss.

PERSON AND VIA SKYPE (from £75 per hour)

  • Want to learn the art of burlesque one on one?
  • Do you want to perform a seductive striptease but have no idea where to start?
  • Want specific coaching on how to embrace your inner goddess through sensual burlesque moves?
  • Are you an up and coming burlesque performer and want mentorship? Are you after advice on costumes, acts and how to build your performance repertoire?

I love teaching women (and brave men) how to shimmy and shake like a sultry seductress, peel and pose like a pinup queen and integrate with their erotic and exotic enchantress. Here’s my philosophy on how I teach burlesque: I’m all about helping you harness what is individually sexy about you and shining that out to the audience (whether that’s an audience of one or one thousand…). I’ll work with you using my unique skills and passions to help you create something fun, sensual and very, very ‘you’. I don’t do jazz hands, Pussy Cat Dolls’ style or contemporary dance moves. I’m all about feeling the music, moving and teasing in ways that feel exquisite.

If you’re curious about private sessions, please get in touch with me to discuss.

A Burlesque Class With Sophia St. Villier


Are you after a fun, sophisticated and memorable hen party activity? get in touch with me for a class of bumps, grinds, giggles, feather boas and seduction! Classes are generally 1.5 hours long. It’s an incredibly fun class and is suitable for all ages 16 plus.

Please contact me to discuss options for your event.


I have a number of opulent, high end burlesque acts that include: a Jessica Rabbit burlesque act, an entrancing and elegant striptease and a dance with large ostrich and peacock feather fans amongst others. These performances can be booked for private events such as weddings, birthday parties, elegant Hen celebrations and Christmas events. Please check out my Burlesque page for details on my acts.

If you want a glamorous burlesque act at your special event, please get in touch with me to discuss.

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