Recently I received an email from a girlfriend asking if I could recommend any songs to help her get in touch with her sexy, sensual side. Yes, I am the lucky recipient of emails such as this.

I made a long list of songs and pieces of music as I’m a music fanatic. Music such a powerful and primal aspect of human expression and a means of connectivity. I thought it would be a sweet feature to list five songs a week and create a shec-shey (said in the voice of Sean Connery) playlist. I’m fully aware we all have totally different music tastes and ideas of what “sexy” is. Give these tunes a spin. I’d love to hear your favourite sexy music in the comments below.

Sophia x

1. I’ll Take Care of You – Mark Lanegan. Lanegan’s voice is the sex. He sounds like he ate gravel for breakfast, washed it down with a bottle of whiskey, smoked 50 cigarettes and then decided to serenade you. I love this whole album as a background soundtrack for hanky panky.

Bonus: this song is not on Spotify but it is so sensual and hip-swingingly sexy, I had to include it. St. James Infirmary – The Gutter Twins

2. Like a Drug – Queens of the Stone Age. A lament of a lost love (what else?). Bluesy, sexy and full of heat. It reminds me of a dreamy, psychedelic take on Roy Orbison.

3. Pour L’Egyptienne – Claude Debussy. I’ve loved this dark, mysterious and erotic piece of music since hearing it in a film. Researching into it, Debussy was inspired by sapphic poetry created by his friend Pierre Louÿs (Louÿs forged the work, ascribing it to a contemporary of Sappho called Bilitis). And interestingly the music was intended to be accompanied by tableaux vivants. (If you don’t know what a tableaux vivant is, go and watch Mrs Henderson Presents. Now.) Sensual indeed.

4. Dirt – The Stooges. With lyrics like “’Cause I’m burning inside /And I’m the fire of life” this song is seven minutes of raw and raunchy smoulder.

5. I Want A Little Sugar In My Bowl – Nina Simone. Smooth + suggestive + sultry + smokey = sexy! I grew up with Nina on the stereo but didn’t discover this gem in her oeuvre until I left school – thank goodness. It’s a reworking of Bessie Smith’s 1930s song “Need A Little Sugar in My Bowl”. It’s impossible to not connect with the heat and longing evoked in this arrangement. Finger clicking good.