“Her costumes are scrumptious and every aspect of her presentation and performance are burlesque at its stunning best, wonderfully researched, accurately performed and exquisitely refined… it’s clear that, while the men certainly enjoyed St Villier’s performance, it’s the women who are absolutely ecstatic. Of course it is, regardless of sexuality, it’s women who undoubtedly understand this art the best.”
Lexie Matheson, Theatre Review New Zealand

“Burlesque is an artform; those that try to pass it off as ‘just taking your clothes off’ have never tried to seductively get out of a pair of skinny jeans, let me tell you… Among the girls proving the magic in the discipline was Sophia St. Villier. She was heart-poundingly sexy. Each subtle flex and pop of her garment-removing burlesque routines caused a mirrored thump in our arteries. She had the mystique and captivation of a timeless diva; a humanised Jessica Rabbit, Lana Del Ray without the Testino-style lens separating us from the action. Her two incarnations, first as a nymph-like (in all senses) wisp, then a sultry deco tease were equally consuming; even as she came out for her applause in demure high waisted trousers, she oozed charisma that you just can’t teach”
Emma Garwood, Outline Magazine

“Sophia St. Villier is a consummate femme fatale, of the kind noir film went to great lengths to warn you about. Feather fans and boas may conceal her exuberant curves for a while, but it’s her languid elegance and malicious gaze that will get you. By the time the dangerous redhead is done with her heart-racing striptease routines, you’ll need some effort to blink again.”
Guilherme Zühlke O’Connor, This is Cabaret

“The evening’s star was undoubtedly Sophia St. Villier. This irresistible lady has already been panted over at length by Erotic Review’s very own Copstick, but I am going to add my own heavy breaths to the mix. St. Villier delicately shimmied and strutted her way around the room, soaking up the audience’s adoration. She teased her clothes off slowly, playing peekaboo with a ten-foot boa. She caused paroxysms of joy in the spectators she enlisted to assist her with the removal of a stocking. She was divine – her body and her act. I was only marginally more envious of the glitter poured over her body from a champagne bottle than of the lady chosen to help her remove her layers. St. Villier… had a presence that kept all eyes on her, yet still managed to make the individuals she coiled her boa around feel the like the centre of her (I suspect rather ribald) universe.”
Christine Fears, Erotic Review

“For not only does The Candlelight Club swing to the speakeasy’s own jazz band, but the seductive Sophia St. Villier also reveals a burlesque show that puts the ‘bitty’ in ‘Prohibition Era’ (it’s kinda in there – you just have to want to see it). Her jaw-dropping gyrations with fans of feather are as titillating as they are taboo-baiting in this 1920s setting.”
Ben McDermott, Beehive City

“I am generally quite in favour of getting the shell off the peanut as quickly as possible. Cheap and shallow, I know. But I am. However, even I have been utterly converted to the sexual power of the veil and the drape by Sophia St. Villier – a woman with a body so completely beautiful it hardly seems real. Her buttocks are the stuff of the wettest of dreams and her breasts are alabaster perfection. Onstage, she is a butterfly. Voile wings and subtle drapes. I do not remember breathing once while she was onstage. I am getting a little lightheaded now.”
Kate Copstick, Erotic Review


Blackest Noir, Volupte London–Performer and Producer. May, June, July, August 2013.

Naked Girls Reading London–Performer and Producer. 2010–2014.


Another F*cking Variety Show, Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Barracuda Bar, London
Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club, London
Black’s Private Members Club, London
Bloomsbury Ballroom, London
Bluestocking Lounge, Wales

Canterbury Festival
Cabaret of Curiosities, Chatham
Cafe De Paris, London
Candlelight Club, London
Century Club, London
China White, London
Coworth Park, Surrey
Crazy Bear, Soho & Beaconsfield

Decadence Burlesque, Jersey
Double R Club, London
Dr Sketchy, London & Auckland

Epstein Theatre, Liverpool
Empire Casino, London
Enchanted Burlesque Panache

Floridita, London

Golddust Entertainments
Gilded Merkin, Nottingham
Grab My Junk by Johnnie Porkpie, London
Grand Casino Basel, Switzerland
Greenwich Comedy Festival 2010, London
Green Templeton College Ball, Oxford
Gym Box, Private Party

Hampton Court Palace, Surrey
Home House, London
Hotel Café Royal, London
House of Burlesque
Hoxton Hall, London

Illamasqua, London

Kettner’s, Soho London
Kitty Nights, Vancouver

La dé da Cabaret
Le Theatre De Decadence, Exeter, Barking & Norwich
Let’s Burlesque, Various Theatres throughout Germany
Leicester Square Theatre, London
London Wonderground

Madame Jojo’s, London
Mahiki, London
Mandarin Oriental, London
29th Annual Microscope Ball, London
Martini Lounge, Liverpool
Micca Club, Rome
MTV London Private Event, London

Neon Moon, Cambridge
No Strings Attached, Norwich

Palias Mascotte, Geneva
Palace Ballroom, Southend-On-Sea
Petting Pantry, Los Angeles
Phoenix Artist Club, London
Playboy Club, London
Proud Cabaret

RAF Brize Norton Summer Ball, Oxfordshire
Red Hot 2016 Calendar Launch
Regent’s Park College Ball, Oxford
Royston Blythe Christmas Party, Shifnal

Salon Rouge, Cambridge
Soho House, London
Scala, London
Selfridges, London
Shhh! Burlesque, Somerset
Sky Atlantic Boardwalk Empire Season 2 Launch, London
Stockholm Burlesque Festival, Sweden

The Ballroom, Canterbury The Hemingway, London
The Mayfair Hotel, London
The New Noir Oscar Party, Los Angeles
The Wet Spot, Leeds
Très Très Cabaret, Stafford

Voodoo Deluxe Royal Burlesque Revue, Milan & Rome

Winterville Spiegeltent, London


I’ve been fortunate to shoot with some incredible photographers.

Joanna Kor has a beautiful, natural and sensual style of photography.
I love Mark Sherratt’s crisp colours and attention to detail.
Ayesha H is known for her modern and innovation twist on pinup images.
Thomas Knights, AKA king of the gingers, is in high demand for his glossy and unabashedly sexy fashion photography.

Thank you Jo, Mark, Ayesha and Thomas for your gorgeous images. I can highly recommend working with all these artists.

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