I’m often asked how I got into burlesque. When I look over the time line of my life, there are lots of little clues that I was heading down the path I have. From making my sisters and cousins dress up at family get togethers and put on dance shows for the family, to stealing my Mum’s special YSL blue and black eyeshadow to do “Cleopatra Eyes” (best not applied with fingers), a devotion to the glamour of Dame Edna, Jessica Rabbit and Miss Piggy from the age of four, to dancing around my bedroom by myself and posing in front of the mirror. All essential training in becoming a burlesque artist, fo’ sure!

When I was in my mid teens, a free CD attached to a magazine my mum bought changed EVERYTHING. Growing up NZ, my exposure to vintage music didn’t really go past Nancy Sinatra (whom I adore), plus, unless you seek something out, you listen to what your folks are into until you can save up your pocket money to by your own music. I didn’t even know this kind of music existed. Somehow this CD found it’s way into my sticky hands and became the definitive soundtrack for dancy-posing around my room.

Enjoy dancy-posing into your weekend with these tracks.

Sophia x

Image Credit: Mark Sherratt

1. The Mod Squad Theme – Al Caiola

2. Gopher Mambo – Yma Sumac

3. Harlem Nocturne – Martin Denny

4. More – Bobby Darin

5. Teach Me Tiger – April Stevens