Here is the second instalment of a very sexy playlist for you. I was recently in Gay Paree for a dreamy few days with a girlfriend. We familiarised ourself with French wine, toured around Paris in a Citroen 2CV, enjoyed hot chocolate at Angelina and mooched around Montmartre and Le Marais. The Swarovski encrusted centrepiece was a trip to Le Crazy Horse starring the divine and delectable Dita von Teese. 

In the spirit of my trip, here are my top 5 sexy French songs for you to dance to, seduce to and to spray eau de Cologne on to your décolletage to. And if you have any songs to add, please drop me a note below.

Enjoy, ma chérie! 

Sophia X

Image credit: Mark Sherratt for Holloway Smith Noir.

1. J’ai Deux Amours (I Have Two Loves) – Joséphine Baker. Let’s start off with a little romance. Joséphine is singing about her two loves, Paris and her country in this sweetly sexy song. I just love the part in the song where Baker joyful coos in response to the deep voice of Adrien Lamy. “But why deny that what puts a spell on me is Paris, Paris in its entirety”. Baker performed to this song at the Casino de Paris in the 1930s and it became one of her signature tunes.

2. Cherche La Rose – Marlene Dietrich. Marlene Dietrich’s throaty, deep Sprechgesang (spoken singing) calls for what sounds like a lost love to ‘Search for the Rose’. It’s irresistible enough, but then a piano crescendo at 2:10 with almost sleazy horn accents lifts the song, making it equal parts melancholic and mysteriously sensual. 

3. Sexe – Line Renaud. Line Renaud was a showgirl at the Casino de Paris in the 1950s and 1960s and starred on some shows with Bob Hope. And in her eighties, Line is still going strong with her singing. This song is from her 1961 revue ‘Plaisirs’ meaning ‘Pleasures’. How apt.

4. Laisse tomber les filles – April March. A classic yé-yé pop song originally sung by France Gall with the lyrics roughly meaning “stop messing around with the girls”.  I love this version by American Francophile April March. April also has an English version called ‘Chick Habit’ you may of heard in Tarantino’s Death Proof.

5. Comic Strip – Serge Gainsborough and Brigette Bardot. I could of gone down the obvious route and included ‘Je t’aime… moi non plus’ but that would be too lazy for a sexy French playlist. So I’m tipping my top hat to showgirl extraordinaire Dita who uses this frivolous, fun, naughty and decidedly sexy tune (reworked by a big band) for her shows. You too can march around the house purring “SHEBAM! POW! BLOP! WIZZ!”. Cat eyeliner optional but highly recommended.