June 4th, according to Patricia Telesco’s 365 Goddess is the day of Aphrodite (or Venus, but I’ve always loved the Greek names for deities over the Roman equivalents), one of my favourite and most called upon goddesses.

“Venus is universally associated with the sea, and with the Morning and Evening Star. Like the Our Lady Mary, she bore the title Stella Maris: “Star of the Sea”. Like the Virgin Mary, her sacred flower is the rose, and indeed she was sometimes simply called “Mari” (meaning Mother/Sea-Goddess)… The Orphics, preserving a more ancient tradition than that understood by the classical world as a whole, saw Venus/Aphrodite not as a goddess who rules over carnal love but rather as the cosmogonic goddess who gives the irresistible urge to the Aethyr to create forms out of the substance of the Earth.” – mothergod.com

Aphrodite is not only the goddess of sexual, carnal love, but of familial love, of unconditional love, of love for humanity and the love for the spiritual path. Aphrodite’s love is the life-force, creative juice of the universe. The name Venus means to wish, desire. Desire has many meanings but we often only hear of Aphrodite/Venus in terms of sexual love. Sexual energy is beautiful and so,so important but only seeing Aphrodite through this lens, reduces this multi faceted love goddess to just one aspect, something that any women, whether in human or goddess form, should to be reduced to. Jungian psychiatrist Jean Shinoda Bolen views Aphrodite as an alchemical goddess “… whose capacity for imbuing whatever and whomever with the Aphrodite glow of seeing the beauty and seeing the potential in people and projecting love and beauty on whatever she desires. Also as a result, she becomes the archetype of the lover who would have sequential falling in love and the goddess who imbues creative work with the beauty that is so engrossing for the time that you are engrossed with it, and then you’ve done it and you move on and bring that same quality of involvement to your next whatever it is that you are doing creatively. It could be theatre. It could craft. It could be writing. It could be a number of things. But whatever it is, you get into an alchemical reaction with the medium that draws you.” – from The Shift Network’s’Liberating the Goddesses in You‘ course material.

Today is a perfect day to bring some the qualities that Aphrodite embodies into your life, such as love (in all it’s forms), autonomy, romance, pleasure and beauty. Here are some simple ideas to evoke those qualities:

      • Place pictures of Aphrodite around your house, especially around a mirror you check your self in to remind you of your inner beauty – for extra energy you can “Follow Greek custom [of Rosalia] and shower whatever goddess image you have at home with rose petals, or dab it with rose-scented oil. If you don’t have a statue, poster or painting, any visually beautiful object can serve as a proxy. This gesture honors and entreats Aphrodite, who responds by granting good luck, especially in matters of the heart.” – 365 Goddess, Patricia Telesco.
      • Swimming in the sea; a symbolic bath. Aphrodite’s name means foam born. If you have the privacy, there is nothing like swimming naked in open water to venerate the ocean born goddess, even if you take your swimsuit off in the water and wrap it around your arm while you swim. Sweet freedom!
      • If you do not live near the ocean or aren’t a confident swimmer, or you know, it’s British summertime and it’s bloody cold (!) buy natural sea salt from your local offie and pour a good cup or so into a warm bath. Pure sea salt is an incredible way to at once relax, rejuvenate and purify. Sea salt from your local store is also way more affordable than sea salt soaks from beauty stores too (top babe on a budget tip). If you really want to luxuriate, make a decadent bath with sea salt, coconut oil, rose essential oil (I’m a fan of Neil’s Yard Rose Oil and I use it everyday) or even add rose petals to your bath. Roses are another symbol of Aphrodite. If you don’t have time for a bath and you’re having a day where you feel you extra sensitive, need psychic protection and to detoxify from negative energy, take a good handful of sea salt with you to the shower, close your eyes and gently massage the sea salt into around your heart area and say to yourself “I am safe, I am protected, I am love”. So good for those days where you feel frazzled.
      • Wash with rose essential oil body wash (I LOVE Dr. Bronner’s liquid soap all sudsy on a pouf), use rosehip oil beauty products and add a few drops of rose essential oil to some coconut oil for a sensual body lotion. As you use them, imagine the rose pink light of Aphrodite enveloping you.
      • As I mentioned above, another symbol of Aphrodite is roses and they are all in bloom in the Northern Hemisphere at the moment. Buy yourself a bunch of your favourite coloured roses or get outside and marvel at their flamboyant beauty. Don’t be too cool to stop and smell the roses!
      • Wear jewellery shaped like a scallop shell. Aphrodite is often depicted on a scallop shell in art (Venus Anadyomene or “Venus Rising From the Sea”) and it is a subtle, beautiful symbol of the vulva – you can’t get more of a celebration of divine femininity than that!
      • Dress yourself in a way that feels beautiful to YOU. It’s amazing how presenting yourself in a beautiful and loving way can lift your spirits. Try these affirmations if you need a boost: “I love to be beautiful, for myself” and “My beauty and joy are contagious!”.
      • When you are feeling a bit delicate, downhearted or unattractive, imagine yourself ‘egged up’ in Aphrodite’s rose pink light and say “Aphrodite, thank you for your rosy protection and for lifting my heart. Thank you for reminding me of the beauty of my soul”.

All the love possible,