You want to feel sexy, on your terms.
You want to feel confident, sensual and empowered but it all seems intimidating.
And isn’t it a bit frivolous to be interested in these things?

You want to embrace your sexiness in a playful and wholehearted way. That’s what I’m all about.

I’m Sophia – a burlesque artist, writer, speaker and the creator of ‘Every Woman is a Goddess’ workshops.

My passion is helping women engage with their sensuality, pleasure and divine femininity in a fun, playful and assuring way. I taught hundreds of women burlesque classes before I felt drawn to create ‘Every Woman is a Goddess’ workshops as an empowering permission slip for women to get deeply in touch with their wise inner goddess.

After being asked “How can I be sexy?” by countless numbers of women from the audience at my burlesque shows over the years, I began to examine why so many women feel they are out of touch with their sensuality and how I could help them reveal that connection by combining my ardour of ancient goddess mythology with my love of burlesque.

I know that desiring to feel sexy and good in your body can be seen as superficial. I feel that when we shut ourselves down by saying we are not desirable enough, not good enough, not sexy enough and feel we are not OK just as we are. This is not about changing yourself to fit into an ideal. This is about knowing you are the ideal. I’m here to help you peel back the layers of BS we unconsciously and consciously buy into and fire up your connection with the divine feminine with practical and useful advice and tools you can incorporate in your day to day life.

Empowerment means making a choice.

As a burlesque artist, I had to learn my personal style of sexiness so I could embody this energy on stage and then, in everyday life. In the past, I’ve been totally out of touch with my body, hated it, taken rage and anger out on it and felt oh-so-unworthy. I also know my experience is in no way unique. Pretty much every woman, heck, every person has felt those feelings. I am devoted to helping women unveil that ancient, wise goddess inside us all. The voice that knows that joy, pleasure, creativity, passion, sexuality and sensuality are necessary, not just things to be occasionally enjoyed.

Cultivate pleasure. Go on, I dare you…

I’m right here on this journey with you. I know that it’s time to give reverence to our sexuality, sensuality and spiritually. I want you to know that you, like, every woman, is a goddess. If you are ready to connect with your innate goddess wisdom, click here to get started.

Sophia St. Villier is a burlesque artist, writer, teacher and speaker based in London, United Kingdom. Sophia has been a professional burlesque artist in London for 7 years performing all over Europe. She is a passionate about combining her burlesque performance prowess with her passion for goddess spirituality and her mission is to help women uncover their sexy, sensual inner goddess and cultivate pleasure in their everyday life. Expect hip swinging burlesque moves combined with practical and soulful advice on her blog, and see her on stage either speaking about her ‘Every Woman is a Goddess’ philosophy or performing in a cabaret burlesque show.


  • I adore vintage clothing. I started wearing 1970s threads when I was 13. Right now I’m all about the masculine tailored look of the 1930s and 1940s in winter and the twirly, girly summer 1950s sundresses in summer. I’ll probably end up in a toga when I’m 80.
  • As a 2 year old, my favourite salutation was “Be a pleasure to yourself” – which had my family in stitches. I must have combined “It’s a pleasure to meet you” with “How are you; yourself?”. Obviously pleasure, in all it’s many forms, has been high on the agenda for me.
  • Since the age of 4 my stage heroes have been Dame Edna Everage, Jessica Rabbit and Miss Piggy. Take from that what you will.
  • I’m a born and raised Kiwi gal. I now reside in London, UK.
  • At 8, I discovered a book on classical mythology and I couldn’t understand why we still don’t worship female and male deities.
  • I’ve performed burlesque shows for 7 years and I’ve taught countless numbers of women and a few brave men how to shimmy, shake and move their bodies with unabashed joy. I’ve taught tassel twirling to women for a Vodafone advert and feather fan dancing to year 12 students at a prestigious college. Is your curiosity piqued? Check out when my next ‘Every Woman is a Goddess’ class is on or book a private lesson with me.

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